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Herbalife Executive Vice President Alan Hoffman: From the White House to Our House

When you’re responsible for shaping the perception of a political candidate, you must define who they are and what they stand for. The same thing goes when you are responsible for helping to shape the messaging of a global nutrition company like Herbalife.

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Des Walsh, President of Herbalife, Fosters Success by Championing a Culture of New Ideas

Just ask Herbalife Executive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs Alan Hoffman, who has also served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Vice President Joseph Biden and Deputy Assistant to President Barack Obama. “Not all companies are created equal,” says Hoffman. “We are open about who we are and because of that, you can only come away being impressed with us.”

Alan is responsible for public policy, corporate communications, government affairs, community relations and all philanthropic efforts on behalf of Herbalife, including the Herbalife Family Foundation. He joined the company in 2014 when Herbalife Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Johnson asked him to spread the word about all of the positive things Herbalife is doing. “Michael is one of the key reasons I came to Herbalife,” says Hoffman. “He’s infectious, dynamic, a great leader and I knew I could learn a lot from him. He gives me the autonomy to do my job. He gives me goals and says go make them happen. He and Joe Biden are very similar in that way.”

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How Herbalife Supports Communities During the Holidays

Helping communities around the world is a cornerstone of Herbalife values. Following are just some of the ways Independent Herbalife Members and company employees give back to those in need.

Supporting the Union Rescue Mission

Union Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter located on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, serves more than 700,000 meals to homeless men, women and children, with Herbalife employees doing their part by volunteering to help prepare and serve nutritious protein shakes for breakfast.

During the holidays, volunteers also hand out special items to families, such as soccer balls, shirts and windbreaker jackets. “Most importantly, we provide an ear, a smile and conversation to people who are down on their luck,” says Cecil Strickland, Herbalife director of events operations, who has volunteered at the Mission with his daughter.
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Herbalife in Russia Receives Social Responsibility Award

Herbalife Social Responsibility

Giving back is important. That’s why Independent Herbalife Members in Russia have developed strong ties with their communities ever since Herbalife opened in 1995 in Russia. And the results continue to pay off today. Most recently, two of Herbalife’s corporate social responsibility initiatives Read more »

Herbalife Helps to Fight Malnutrition in Kenya

Kenya malnutrition

Herbalife has been committed to changing lives since 1980, and recently the global nutrition company began helping nutrition relief efforts in Kenya. During the past few years, Herbalife has provided funding for the production and distribution of millions of micronutrient packets Read more »