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NSF and ISO: Validating World-Class Nutrition Manufacturing at Herbalife

Herbalife takes product quality and safety to heart. That’s why the global nutrition company has its products and manufacturing facilities certified by respected third parties who specialize in verifying safety and quality. Through its Seed to Feed program, Herbalife has made significant investment in new laboratories, testing equipment, facilities, ingredients, and scientific talent to meet the rigorous standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and NSF International.

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Herbalife® Aloe Products: Using the Highest Quality Aloe from Farm to Bottle

When Herbalife sought out the highest quality aloe for Herbal Aloe Concentrate and other products, it turned to Mexico-based ImproVera. Since 1994, ImproVera has been producing aloe vera in Jaumave municipality in East Central Mexico where ideal weather conditions and unique soil composition make for ideal growing conditions. As of 2014, ImproVera supplies the lion’s share of aloe products to Herbalife. We recently sat down with Vicente Mack, General Manager Mexico Aloe Operations at ImproVera, to talk about aloe production. The following is an edited version of the transcript.

What is your role at ImproVera? What is your working relationship with Herbalife?

I am responsible for the operations of ImproVera Mexico, as well as guiding new projects to improve processes and operations of aloe vera production. Herbalife has specific requirements with a focus on nutrition. As a result, we have developed new processes to improve the quality of aloe that goes into Herbalife products. We have great synergy working with the Herbalife research and development team and the final product reflects that. Read more »

H.I.M. Winston-Salem in North Carolina Helps Herbalife Produce More Core Nutrition Products

Herbalife is gearing up for big things. To meet the challenge of growing product demand in the more than 90 markets where it operates, the company is expanding its manufacturing capabilities. With the dedication of Herbalife Innovation & Manufacturing (H.I.M.) in Winston-Salem, N.C., the global nutrition company now boasts a facility that is the largest in company history at an incredible 46,000 square meters. How large is that? Here’s an example. It’s big enough to host seven professional soccer games, at one time, under the same roof!

“This facility (H.I.M. Winston-Salem) is a testament to our amazing Independent Herbalife Members who, since 1980, have brought the dream of Mark Hughes (Herbalife Founder and First Member, 1956 -2000) to life – a dream of bringing good nutrition around the world,” says Herbalife President Des Walsh. Read more »

Making Herbalife® Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix and other Products: From Sourcing to Final Delivery

Combine harvester at work

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Herbalife. From the fields where we source ingredients to the high-tech plants where our products are prepared, our Seed to Feed commitment helps ensure the quality and benefit of all Herbalife® products. Read more »

Herbalife Seed to Feed Program

Seed to Feed commitment

Our mission for nutrition is at the heart of everything we do. Through our Seed to Feed commitment, we ensure the benefits, safety, purity and consistency of Herbalife® products. Seed to Feed is a global initiative that touches every Herbalife market and product variety. It’s how we refer to the expert staff, state-of-the-art processes, quality control systems and advanced technology at our company-owned and partner manufacturing facilities around the world. Through Seed to Feed we ensure the effectiveness, safety, purity, and consistency of Herbalife® products.

14 Steps of Seed to Feed

Seed to Feed

Five Components of Seed to Feed Philosophy

1. Great Ingredients: Careful selection of ingredient suppliers.

2. Nutrition Based Science: Products based on years of established nutrition science.

3. Thorough Testing: Multiple rounds of rigorous in-process testing.

4. Manufactured with Care: State-of-the-art blending, compression, packaging and manufacturing.

5. Nutrition Delivered to You: Use of advanced technology to monitor conditions during product storage and transport and to ensure quality throughout the product shelf life.