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Robert Lockhart: Forging a Safer and Healthier Community

Robert Lockhart: Asociado de Herbalife Independiente

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a big city police officer and an Independent Herbalife Member, perhaps the best person to ask is a guy who wears both hats: Robert Lockhart. “There are definitely a lot of similarities,” say Lockhart. “As a police officer, I get to help make the community safer. With Herbalife, I’m making the community a better place through nutrition.” Each day that Lockhart puts on his police uniform, he says he feels like a hero. The same could be said for the way he feels when he’s wearing his Herbalife apparel. “Herbalife is about helping people live a healthy, active life. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of doing that”, he says.

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Lockhart has been a police officer in Los Angeles for nearly two decades. One day at work, he looked down at his stomach and saw that it was touching the gas tank on his motorcycle. “That was my ‘oh wow’ moment,” he says. “I called my brother-in-law – who is a certified personal trainer – and asked him to put me on a workout program. He just said, ‘I tried to tell you 6 months ago to try Herbalife.’ I tried Herbalife® products, along with diet and exercise, and got tremendous results,” Lockhart says. Based on his experience with the products – which he believes assist people on their journey to losing weight – he took a close look at the Herbalife opportunity and the effect it would have on his community. “It was a no-brainer for me,” says Lockhart. “And it was very easy for me to transition from what I was doing as a police officer to doing the exact same thing with Herbalife, just on a nutrition level,” he says.

As part of the many great ways in which he helps people as an Herbalife Member, Lockhart runs Shred Camp, a free, community-based workout that is open to all and that has been going strong for three years. It’s a place for people to come, sweat and make progress in living a healthier, happier life. There are those who come to the camp who never thought they could run mile after mile or do hundreds of jumping jacks, but now they can. Lockhart pushes people to work their hardest and the results show. Perhaps the best part is that he is inclusive of all. “People will see me working out on the track and ask if they can join, and I say ‘come on, get in’,” says Lockhart. “It’s a way we give back to the community.”

If it wasn’t enough that Lockhart is an outstanding police officer and Herbalife Member, he is also a dedicated family man. He’s been married to his wife for 12 years and has three children. While the most rewarding part of being an Herbalife Member for Lockhart has been making in impact on his local community, he admits that the ability to generate extra income has afforded him the ability to send his children to a good school.* But Lockhart’s dedication to children doesn’t end with his own. He also coaches youth football as a community service – he loves to see the progression of young people. “Without the right role models out there, these kids aren’t going to learn the game the right way,” he says. “They’re not going to learn how to be good sports or how to be respectful of others.”

With his focus on community, family and helping people to improve through living a healthy, active life, Herbalife is proud to call Robert Lockhart an Independent Herbalife Member.

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