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Herbalife Employees Give Back During the Holidays

Mark Hughes, Herbalife Founder and First Member (1956–2000), once said that you should “Treat people with love and affection from your whole heart.” To this day, his poignant words echo through the hallways of Herbalife and inspire employees to give back to those in need, especially during the holidays. This year, Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF), an organization Hughes created to help improve children’s lives by providing healthy nutrition to children at risk, continues to go above and beyond to ensure the holiday season brings nutrition and joy to so many who are in need. As a result, Herbalife employees continue to have an abundance of opportunities to roll up their sleeves and help make a difference.

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“It always moves me when I see how many Herbalife employees get inspired to help out,” says HFF Executive Director Robyn Browning. “During the holiday season, HFF strives to reach as many vulnerable individuals and communities as possible. The generous support of our volunteers is what makes it all possible.”

The following are just some of the ways Herbalife and HFF support children and communities during the holidays:

Union Rescue Mission

Union Rescue Mission (URM) is a homeless shelter located on Los Angeles’ Skid Row. The shelter serves meals to homeless men, women and children, giving them hope and helping them find their way home. Among URM’s guiding principles are to serve others with humility and meet or exceed the expectations of those they serve. With that in mind, Herbalife employees jumped in wholeheartedly at URM’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. The event took place on the streets of Skid Row in front of the main entrance to the Union Rescue Mission. Herbalife volunteers manned booths and distributed over 3,000 snack packs consisting of Herbalife products. “You could see the gratitude and appreciation on everyone’s face that came to claim their gift,” said Herbalife Internal Sales Specialist, North America Sales Strategy & Support Alex Topete. “They were overjoyed that someone would give them something without expecting something in return. And every single person there was in high spirits regardless of their situation.” Herbalife Vice President, Media Relations, Corporate Communications Jennifer Butler adds that volunteering at the Union Rescue Mission is not only a great way to give back to those less fortunate, but it’s also “A festive way to spend time with coworkers I know and meet new ones.”

To volunteer, donate or learn more about the Union Rescue Mission, visit

A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home (APCH) provides children, teens and young adults from the South Central region of Los Angeles with love, safety, enrichment, training and opportunities through educational programs, counseling, and mentorship. The organization also provides after-school, weekend, and all-day summer programs, and services include tutoring and homework support, as well as a full spectrum of instruction in the arts, athletics, dance and music. During the Thanksgiving holiday, APCH strives to make dreams come true for hundreds of families in the area. On the APCH Day of Giving Food Distribution & Dinner, Herbalife volunteers filled hungry bellies and warmed hearts by serving dinner to more than 1,200 members of the community, as well as giving away 500 turkeys. “Volunteering was a lot of fun and it was great to see the children so happy to have a Thanksgiving meal,” said Herbalife Family Foundation Communications Assistant Katie Saria, a past volunteer at the APCH Dinner. “The children at Casa Herbalife programs are so grateful for the help of Herbalife volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering should get involved and see the difference HFF makes in the lives of children in their communities.”

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