Herbalife Employees Give Back During the Holidays

Mark Hughes, Herbalife Founder and First Member (1956–2000), once said that you should “Treat people with love and affection from your whole heart.” To this day, his poignant words echo through the hallways of Herbalife and inspire employees to give back to those in need, especially during the holidays. This year, Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF), an organization Hughes created to help improve children’s lives by providing healthy nutrition to children at risk, continues to go above and beyond to ensure the holiday season brings nutrition and joy to so many who are in need. As a result, Herbalife employees continue to have an abundance of opportunities to roll up their sleeves and help make a difference.
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Arctic Extreme: Sebastian Copeland, Herbalife24® and Pushing Limits


There are athletes and there is Sebastian Copeland – polar explorer, filmmaker, environmental activist, photographer and Herbalife-sponsored extreme athlete. At an early age, tantalized by novels and accounts detailing the golden age of exploration, Copeland’s dream to explore the unknown was born. Add to that a natural athleticism, as well as a strong desire for personal engagement and the path for extreme adventures was laid out in front of him.

In 2006 and 2007, Copeland spent six weeks aboard a scientific research icebreaker in the Antarctic Peninsula gathering groundbreaking data on the region. In 2008, he and partner Luc Hardy led a team of nine children, from international backgrounds, for a month in the northernmost Canadian Arctic in order to expose them to this little known region and ignite their sense of wonder. In March 2009, he led a mission to the geographical North Pole, which resulted in his documentary Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul, chronicling Admiral Peary reaching the North Pole in 1909. In May 2010, Copeland and partner Eric McNair-Landry left from southern Greenland to cross the 2,300 kilometers of its ice sheet using skis and kites. They reached the northern tip 41 days later and set a record for longest distance traveled (595 kilometers) on kites and skis over one 20-hour period. So where does one even begin when taking on challenges of such magnitude and sheer danger?

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