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Herbalife Executive Ibi Fleming Inspires Hispanics and Women to Achieve More

Ibi Fleming’s love for people, commitment to integrity and incredible work ethic are at the heart of everything she does. The senior vice president and managing director of Herbalife in North America is proud that her team shares her passion for helping independent Distributors achieve their goals.

Each year, the North America region supports more than 100 Distributor events in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Although the logistics can be challenging, the entire department is committed to the success of each event. “We’re always planning events,” she says. “It never stops. But everyone rolls up their sleeves, and we do what we have to do to support the business of independent Distributors. We’re all one team and everyone has a great attitude. And when we get to see the Distributors telling their stories onstage about how Herbalife has transformed their lives and empowered them by helping them lose weight or make a better life for their families, it really motivates us. We get to feel like we’re doing something for a purpose.”

It’s not just the incredible success of the top 1% earners that inspire Ibi; it’s the new generation of successful independent Distributors that energize her. “I met a 21-year-old Global Expansion Team member in Oklahoma City recently and listened to how Herbalife has changed his life,” she says. “He was so impressive. And I feel like that’s what Herbalife does to people. It inspires them to be their best, and it doesn’t matter at what age. It really does transform people and empower them to believe in themselves.”

As a Cuban-American whose family came to the United States seeking a better life, Ibi has a strong connection to the evolving Latino market and community. Many young Hispanic Distributors that have grown up in the United States are finding success branching out to other ethnicities. “Everyone is working and growing, but imagine how much more we can grow together. And that’s what Herbalife is really all about.” As Ibi and her staff work around the clock to support the independent Distributors across North America, she’s excited to help build strong, sustainable businesses through the events her team facilitates.

Interesting Facts

  • Wanted to be a psychologist so she could help people before deciding to pursue a business degree in college
  • Featured as a “Woman That Inspires” in the Nov./Dec. 2011 issue of Fama magazine
  • Considered one of the “Nation’s 100 Most Influential Hispanics” according to the Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 issue of Poder Hispanic magazine
  • Interviewed by – June 18, 2013