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Find Your Balance: John Heiss’ Top Three Workout Tips

John Heiss, creator of Herbalife24™

John Heiss, Ph.D., Herbalife Senior Director of Sports and fitness and creator of the Herbalife24™ sports nutrition line, is continually putting his products to the test. He competed in several high altitude endurance cycling and running races in the Alps and Leadville, Colorado, including the Leadville Trail 100 MTB Presented by Herbalife24™.

Even for experienced endurance athletes, like Dr. Heiss, finding the right balance is an ongoing process. Whatever your workout goal, you need to strike a balance and plan for your other requirements in life, like work and rest. This will be different for everyone.

Workout vs. Work Balance
These races require a demanding training regimen. Dr. Heiss realizes that most people aren’t preparing for these intense endurance events, but everyone should try to balance the time to squeeze in an exercise routine every day.

“On weekdays, I’m usually out the door by 6 a.m. to get in a 3-hour workout before work. I’m lucky that the company culture at Herbalife is pretty cool and allows me to adjust my schedule accordingly. Of course, for many people with a rigid 9-5 schedule that’s not possible, but even then you should try to fit in a 30-minute workout in the morning or before dinner.

Anything you do to make it easier for yourself will go a long way. Exercise five times a week even if it’s only a few pull-ups or pushups. You might think you don’t have time to work out, but you’d be amazed that even as little as five minutes every day will go a long way to meeting your fitness goals.”

Workout vs. Rest Balance

Adequate rest is an essential part of leading a healthy, active life. It’s as important as hydration, good nutrition and regular activity. Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds or maintain lean muscle mass, find the combination that works for you.

That may mean some trial and error. Between completing TransAlp, the epic 32-hour, 7-day bike race in the Swiss Alps, and the Leadville Silver Rush MTB50— 50 mile mountain trail bike race through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains—Heiss continued light workouts to keep his legs moving. This included spins and easy runs. He thought it would keep his legs to stay active but still allow recovery.
But it didn’t go as planned.

“Three minutes into the Leadville Silver Rush MTB50, I could tell it was going to be a long day. Power was off, and the sensations were not good. I finished the race off my target time and that prompted me to take a proper rest.”

To summarize, here are three tips that Dr. Heiss recommends to find balance in your exercise routine:

Workout Tip #1. Do what’s attainable. You might think you don’t have time to work out, but you’d be amazed that even as little as five minutes every day will go a long way to meeting your fitness goals.

Workout Tip #2. Eat with a purpose. Ask yourself, why are you eating it and how will you benefit?

Workout Tip #3. Know what you’re working towards. Whether it’s training for a race or a specific weight loss goal, plan your exercise routine and stick with it.