H.I.M. Changsha: The Art of Botanical Extraction

For thousands of years, tea-brewing has been simple—just add hot water. At the Herbalife Innovation & Manufacturing (H.I.M.) botanical extraction facility in Changsha, China this tradition is improved by advanced manufacturing science and technology.

Great products start with great ingredients that can be mapped right back to the farm. We generally achieve this by partnering with the world’s best ingredient suppliers, who excel in providing traceable ingredients. Many botanical ingredients we source and process in-house.

The H.I.M. botanical extraction facility in Changsha is integral to our Seed to Feed strategy. Seed to Feed brings the highest quality products to Herbalife customers, and one of the cornerstones of this strategy is self-manufacturing. The H.I.M. Changsha facility is strategically positioned in Hunan Province, well known for its fertile soil where many of the world’s most beneficial botanicals originate. The strategic sourcing team at H.I.M. Changsha deals directly with farmers to secure raw materials matching our specifications, for further processing into finished raw ingredients.

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