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World Famous Cricketer Virat Kohli Improves His Game and His Community Outreach

Virat Kohli, sponsored by Herbalife, is a middle-order batsman known as one of the most flamboyant and dynamic cricketers in the world.

“I have a passion for the sport of cricket that is backed by self-belief and hard work,” says Kohli who has captained the Indian Premier League Team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, since 2008. He has also Vice Captained the Indian cricket national team since 2012. “It’s what drives me to want to be the best.”

Kohli has carved out a niche for himself as a leader, trend setter and one of the most dedicated cricketers around. He has achieved impressive milestones, such as becoming the fastest Indian to complete 5000 runs in ODI cricket, and the fastest to make 20 hundreds, breaking Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s world record. However, his interests extend beyond the sport of cricket, into the realm of helping the less fortunate live better lives.

In 2013, Kohli launched the Virat Kohli Foundation, a charitable institution commissioned to make long term valuable contributions to society by generating awareness for meaningful initiatives and projects, and endorsing and raising funds for them.

“The Virat Kohli Foundation is important in a country like India, where many children cannot afford basic education or pursue any sport due to financial reasons,” says Kohli. “We want to help these kids achieve something.”

The foundation is now associated with the partnership between eBay Inc. and Save the Children India, a non-profit organization that envisions India as a child-friendly nation and that works towards the empowerment of less privileged women and children through its involvement in the areas of education, health, livelihood and empowerment.


It’s Kohli’s flourishing cricket career and charitable endeavors that bring him a great degree of personal satisfaction, but it’s his rigorous training and a good nutrition program that keeps him on track to success. He aims for the perfect balance of healthy and controlled eating, optimum rest and a consistent exercise regimen. Doing so allows him to keep his body and mind in top shape and ready to perform.

“I hit the gym five days a week and do a combination of cardio and weights,” says Kohli. “I also place high importance on my diet, as it is a key aspect in my fitness regimen. I ensure I eat the right amount of protein and stay away from unhealthy food.”

On match day, Kohli eats a light, high protein diet of fish and white meat. He places a greater emphasis on hydration, especially when playing in cities with high humidity. He also supplements his nutrition with Herbalife® products.

“Herbalife has some of the best nutrition products in the world,” says Kohli. “They’re particularly helpful in providing me with the added protein that helps me feel like I can go the extra mile in training and in competition.”

Kohli’s favorite Herbalife® product is Herbalife24™ Formula 1 Sport.
“It’s an ideal component in my training program,” says Kohli. “It gives me an extra nutritional and protein boost.”

Virat Kohli Achievements
• CEAT – International Cricketer of the Year (2014)
• ICC ODI – Cricketer of the Year (2012)
• Cricket World Cup – First Indian player to score a century in world cup debut (2011)
• Emerging Players Tournament – Leading Scorer (2009)
• U/19 Cricket World Cup – Champion (2008)