How Herbalife Supports Communities During the Holidays

Helping communities around the world is a cornerstone of Herbalife values. Following are just some of the ways Independent Herbalife Members and company employees give back to those in need.

Supporting the Union Rescue Mission

Union Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter located on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, serves more than 700,000 meals to homeless men, women and children, with Herbalife employees doing their part by volunteering to help prepare and serve nutritious protein shakes for breakfast.

During the holidays, volunteers also hand out special items to families, such as soccer balls, shirts and windbreaker jackets. “Most importantly, we provide an ear, a smile and conversation to people who are down on their luck,” says Cecil Strickland, Herbalife director of events operations, who has volunteered at the Mission with his daughter.
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The Value of an Independent Herbalife Member

Since 1980, Independent Herbalife Members have been helping people around the world lead a healthy, active life. They are the key to what makes Herbalife special. Powered by commitment and passion, Herbalife Members can be the difference in meeting your goals and achieving lasting results because they have access to tools and training materials on the products, the principles of balanced nutrition, and regular physical activity.

A Personal Nutrition Plan

While the basics of balanced nutrition apply to everyone, individual nutrition needs depend on a complex set of factors, including age, gender, weight, height, health and activity level. A nutrition plan can be personalized with the help of a Member and incorporates healthy eating, exercise and Herbalife® weight management products for the best results. With Herbalife, customers get much more than a product – they get one-on-one coaching and support. Read more »