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Herbalife-sponsored Surfer Gabriel Villarán Relies on Good Nutrition to Conquer Big Waves

Peruvian surfer Gabriel Villarán

Peruvian professional surfer Gabriel Villarán stands out as one of South America’s most versatile surfers. He’s known for his remarkable barrel-riding style and has a passion for big waves.

“Big waves are a rush, and it’s amazing when you can adjust to the ocean’s energy,” says Villarán. “I am also the kind of surfer that really pushes the rail a lot, carving and power surfing.”

Villarán knows that he has to be on top of his game to compete at the professional level. He prepares by hitting the gym, swimming and/or surfing every day, as well as focusing on good nutrition.

“When heading out for a long surf day, I make sure to eat a good meal, bring snacks and drink plenty of water,” says Villarán. “I use Herbalife® products to get ready for my next session.”

Villarán’s partnership with Herbalife is a natural fit because of their mutual commitment to good nutrition. They have taken their relationship one step further with Herbalife’s sponsorship of “Champions of the Sea,” a surf competition for children and young people in San Bartolo, Peru, which is organized by Villarán.

“It was a very good competition in San Bartolo thanks to everyone’s support,” says Villarán. “Young people had fun and experienced what a professional championship is like.”

Villarán’s talents earned him the title of Peruvian National Champion in 2008, and he placed third in the 2009 ISA World Surfing Games in Costa Rica. Since then, he focuses on big wave riding and routinely takes top honors in contests, such as the Puerto Escondido ‘QS, the Quicksilver Pichilemu Big Wave Championships and the Pawa Tube Fest in Pascuales, Mexico. Villarán participates in both ASP and Big Wave World Tour events, proving his unique wave-riding abilities.

“Competing is a big part of my life,” says Villarán. “It’s a dream come true to be a professional surfer.”

Villarán Facts

  • Rode his first wave at the age of 3
  • Caught the biggest wave at the 2009 Big Wave World Tour
  • Worked at a surf school teaching kids
  • Garbriel’s Facebook page