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Rocio Medina. M.D. Leads Global Nutrition Training for Herbalife

Rocio Medina, M.D., Herbalife Vice President, Worldwide Nutrition Training, shares her vision for a global community focused on nutrition education.

The decision to transition from private medical practice came down to numbers for Rocio Medina, M.D. “It was a tough call,” she says, “but now I can help a thousand people at a time, instead of just one. When I speak to a room full of Independent Herbalife Members, they are learning to take better care of others as well as themselves.”

Rocio marvels at the potential behind a passionate global community like Herbalife. “There is a consistency here. I just took a trip to Siberia and I saw the same energy that I would expect from independent Members in Mexico.” Rocio wants to give her new audience the best training available. She is working with the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) [1] to establish a unified approach to global nutrition.

Rocio has already seen major advancements since she attended her first Herbalife Extravaganza in 2006. “Since the introduction of the Herbalife24 line [2], people are turning Nutrition Clubs into Herbalife 24Fit Clubs… They are running and exercising together. This shows that awareness about how to live a healthy, active life is improving.” Rocio takes her position as a role model seriously.

She has already placed in several triathlons and she has completed a grueling half Ironman® competition.

Rocio says she focuses on nutrition because she wants to prevent problems instead of treat them. “It is an every day job,” she says. “There is still so much to learn.” She then mentions a Spanish term, “vanguardista,” as the reason she is more hopeful than ever. “It means forward-looking. Every department at Herbalife is consistently one step ahead and it is all based on clinical studies… We are very committed to that.”