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Herbalife in Russia Receives Social Responsibility Award

Herbalife Social Responsibility

Giving back is important. That’s why Independent Herbalife Members in Russia have developed strong ties with their communities ever since Herbalife opened in 1995 in Russia. And the results continue to pay off today. Most recently, two of Herbalife’s corporate social responsibility initiatives – TEAM Herbalife and the Herbalife Family Foundation’s Casa Herbalife programs – received the “Best Social Projects of Russia” award.

The annual award is a public-private collaboration to highlight the importance of social responsibility efforts. The nominees are chosen by a panel of local business and community leaders as well as representatives of international companies located in Russia. TEAM Herbalife and the HFF’s Casa Herbalife programs were honored for their significant contributions to the advancement of socially responsible business and community activities in the region.

TEAM Herbalife is a national sporting program aimed at promoting healthy living. At competitions, such as Ski Russia, Cross of Nations and the White Night Marathon, Members have the opportunity to better themselves through fun group activities, wear the brand with Herbalife apparel and souvenirs and talk with others about achieving better nutrition.

HFF’s Casa Herbalife programs in Russia aim to improve the lives of children in need by providing financial and volunteer support to existing charitable organizations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk. HFF donors, Herbalife Members and Herbalife employees frequently volunteer to help at HFF’s Casa Herbalife programs, in addition to providing them with funds to supply kitchen equipment, educational programs, group activities and, of course, proper nutrition.

The “Best Social Projects of Russia” list brings not only tremendous pride to those who operate their businesses in Russia but tremendous notoriety as well. In fact, it has already been featured in several well-known publications across the nation since its May release, including the Russian Financial Times, a newspaper the Russian President receives every morning.

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Interesting Facts

  • HFF’s Casa Herbalife programs provide nutrition to children at more than 100 locations in over 50 countries.
  • Team Herbalife events attracted more than 5,000 Independent Herbalife Members and customers from over 30 Russian-speaking cities in 2012.
  • Herbalife is the Nutrition Sponsor of FC Spartak Moscow.