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Herbalife Legal Experts Stand Behind Product and Business Opportunity

The Herbalife legal team helps protect Independent Herbalife Members and customers, according to Vanessa Zimmer, Director legal counsel. Vanessa is part of a team that helps ensure the consistency, clarity and accuracy of product claims and the business opportunity [1], which she believes builds overall trust in the company and brand. “What we do protects consumers and Members,” she says. “They can believe in what we say.”

Vanessa says that one of the favorite parts of her job is helping to open new markets around the world. When Herbalife enters a new country, the legal team studies the local laws and regulations affecting multilevel marketing, data protection, advertising, business rules and required permits and licenses.

As Members develop innovative ways to retail Herbalife® products, Vanessa says the corporate legal team helps to ensure that new business methods can comply with local regulations. Legal challenges aside, her Herbalife trips have inspired her, “I’ve seen, firsthand, how Herbalife unites people.”

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