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Herbalife Helps to Fight Malnutrition in Kenya

Kenya malnutrition

Herbalife has been committed to changing lives since 1980, and recently the global nutrition company began helping nutrition relief efforts in Kenya. During the past few years, Herbalife has provided funding for the production and distribution of millions of micronutrient packets to combat malnutrition in this troubled country in the Horn of Africa.

As part of the Global Alliance for Nutrition (GAIN) Future Fortified campaign, the micronutrient packets were distributed in December 2012. After distribution, community health workers visited participating households to ensure that label instructions were properly followed. Mothers mix the packets into food at home to provide all the critical nutrients children need, including iron, Vitamin A, zinc and calcium. An estimated 16.4 percent of Kenyan children under age five are considered malnourished, and drought and food shortages have affected some 3.75 million.

To learn more about GAIN Future Fortified and Herbalife’s participation, visit for more details.

Interesting Facts

  • 20 million micronutrient packets created and distributed.
  • First phase targets 20,000 children in Kajiado district of Kenya.
  • Goal is to improve nutrition for 50 million women and children by 2015.